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Medical Misdiagnosis Attorneys in Southfield, Michigan

When you go into the doctor's office with symptoms of a medical problem, you expect and hope that a medical professional will do everything in their power to discover the cause of your signs and symptoms, make a proper diagnosis, and indicate the best way to treat or manage the medical condition. More often than we wish to believe, doctors fail to address a patient's signs and symptoms, order appropriate medical tests or otherwise take every step possible to determine a patient's condition. When a physician makes a misdiagnosis of a patient's medical condition, the mistake has the potential to cause serious injury and illness.

Types of Misdiagnosis

Medical misdiagnosis is often the result of a medical professional’s failure to meet the standards of care, skill and prudence required in their field. When misdiagnosis does injury to a patient, the victim has a legal right to seek compensation for their losses and suffering. There are different types of misdiagnosis in a medical malpractice case that can result in patient illness or injury.

Wrong Diagnosis

A case of misdiagnosis may involve a completely wrong diagnosis. The patient might not have the diagnosed condition or may not even be suffering a medical condition at all. Misdiagnosis of this kind is most common in cases involving rare asymptomatic conditions, digestive conditions, behavioral and emotional dysfunction and infant maladies.
Medical Misdiagnosis

Injurious Misdiagnosis

An injurious misdiagnosis involves a doctor's failure to properly identify the subtype of a patient's condition. With some medical conditions, the proper and prompt identification of the subtype is crucial to ensuring that the patient receives the treatment they need. This type of misdiagnosis can result in serious illness or injury in patients with diabetes, heart conditions and other conditions.

Failure to Identify the Underlying Cause

A physician's failure to identify the underlying cause or secondary condition that a patient may be suffering is also a type of misdiagnosis. When an underlying condition is overlooked, a patient may suffer if the treatment of the diagnosed condition is inappropriate or inadequate. When patients receive inappropriate medication or those they are allergic to, a misdiagnosis may also prove detrimental to their health.

Heart Attack Misdiagnosis

Every year in the United States, 1.1 million people suffer from heart attacks. Approximately 460,000 of those attacks result in permanent injury or death. While many heart attack patients receive proper treatment and are able to avoid serious heart damage, too many people become victims of heart attack misdiagnosis. Even if an individual survives the heart attack, future treatments may not reverse heart damage or other injuries, such as paralysis or brain damage, that resulted from a misdiagnosis.

Why does Heart Attack Misdiagnosis Occur?

Because the symptoms and warning signs of a heart attack are similar to many other medical problems, they often go unnoticed or misdiagnosed. Some signs and symptoms of a heart attack can be confused with symptoms of other conditions such as:
  • Angina
  • Bronchitis
  • Anxiety attack
  • Heartburn
  • Gallstones
  • Barrett’s esophagus

Consequences of a Heart Attack Misdiagnosis

A heart attack misdiagnosis can result in devastating consequences, including serious life-long injury or even death. These incidents can cause severe physical and emotional pain and suffering as well as financial losses. Those who have suffered at the hands of a medical professional may be entitled to receive monetary compensation for their damages, including medical bills, lost wages, pain, anguish and more. A qualified and caring medical malpractice attorney has a wealth of experience handling similar cases, and can help protect your legal rights and maximize your interests.
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